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Pinoy Tambayan refers to the part of the island called Baguio City in the Philippines. The name Pinoy Tambayan came from the Spanish phrase, “Pino” means handsome and “tambay” mean entertaining. Pinoy is derived from the word, “pino” means handsome boy while “tambay” means entertaining. This is why Pinoy is commonly called as Pinoy Hollywood. And it became so popular not only in the entertainment industry but in other industries as well.

But the most interesting thing about Pinoy Tambayan or Pino is its cultural exchange. It is a melting pot of different cultures, beliefs, and even food. The culture of the Philippines is primarily based on the Spanish and Christianity. That is why most of the natives here are converts to Christianity or the religion that the Spaniards founded. Most of them are also referred to as Filipinos, which is why the term Pino when used in the context of Pinoy online TV shows online, refers to the converts as Filipino or Filipina.

And because of the growing popularity of Pinoy TV shows online, Filipinos and foreigners are flocking to this place to watch their favorite shows. What is more amazing about it is that these TV shows are virtually free. And not only are they free but you get to choose from a lot of quality shows, all of which you can watch on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any TV that has an internet connection.

First of all, if you are a convert yourself, then you should know that there are actually a lot of good shows being telecast in the Filipino language on satellite TV. Some examples of these are the popular ABS-CBN show titled Lagazpi, and its spin offs Like It’s Lovin’ When You’re Around and Lover by Lola Yap. Aside from these two shows, there is also the popular telenovela-style soap opera, Haguian Dream, which is also produced and broadcast by ABS-CBN. Another great telenovela that you can watch on satellite TV is the Molisa de Dias, which is the first Filipino show to be broadcast in English. This show follows the daily life of ordinary Filipinos living in the big city.

However, if you want to learn more about the culture of your own country, you can always do so through your Pinoy online TV. There are a lot of websites and other media platforms now available for Filipinos to use to stay abreast with the latest news, events, and cultures of the country. If you are using the internet, you might as well check out the different forums and blogs being talked about the Philippines. These shows and articles would give you a clearer picture of how the real Pinoy lives are really like.

As I have said earlier, Manila has been one of the most popular cities in the country. There are a lot of shows being aired in this city that you can watch on Filipino television stations. In fact, there are even shows being telecasted in other major cities around the world right now! This includes episodes of Diosdado Macapayaw, Alondo Paz, Manila Love, and Muchi Wa. I think you will be amazed by some of the shows being telecasted here.

The most popular show is being telecast in the Philippines today is the popular lambing, a mixture of comedy, singing, dance, and narration. Being a mixture of all these elements, lambing has become one of the most-watched television shows online. You can actually watch shows like this at any time of the day because they are usually on at night after the traditional breaks. This is why I feel that Pinoy tambayan and other teleserye series have benefitted greatly from the Internet.

Aside from the great content being broadcasted in Filipino TV, there are also other benefits you can get from being able to watch shows online. I think the greatest advantage is being able to instantly watch my favorite episodes anytime I want. Another great thing about Pinoy tambayan and other teleserye series is that, aside from being available in their native countries, you can also watch them online or on DVD. With all these great advantages, you can now say goodbye to your boring television and catch every episode of your favorite teleserye series anytime you want.

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